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Bad hearing and poor school performance

When the message is not complete, the child is lost and it is very difficult for him to follow the teacher’s explanation. A complete audiological review in the first trimester

Problems of deafness?

Do you have difficulty hearing children’s voices when you are in a park full of children? Do you set the TV volume higher than the rest of your family or

Tips to avoid premature deafness

Seek silenceBig noise is clearly the worst thing for our hearing. If you are exposed to this noise you should try as far as possible to achieve a relaxing break

Fireworks and our ears

It is perfectly normal to celebrate New Year’s Eve and Christmas with fireworks. Here in the Comunidad Valenciana are still numerous local celebrations like Fallas, Moros y Cristianos, weddings, parties,

Hoarseness. Causes and symptoms

Hoarseness is one of the most annoying complaints we may suffer. It is not pleasant to have a “frog in the throat” or a proven voice or to cough every