Problems of deafness?

Do you have difficulty hearing children’s voices when you are in a park full of children? Do you set the TV volume higher than the rest of your family or friends? In your social gatherings, do you have the feeling that you are muttering around? If the answer is affirmative in any of these questions, you need a hearing review.

Age is a frequent cause of hearing loss. But there is also an environmental factor that damages hearing: noise. It emerges as a frequent cause of hearing loss in advanced societies. In fact, a study conducted in the United States classifies noise-induced hearing loss as the most prevalent occupational disease in that country.

The people with more risk are those exposed to environmental noise above 80-85 decibels (dB), which is what produce, for example, several hair dryers operating at the same time in a hairdressing salon.

Among the recommended life habits to prevent the problem, in addition to using hearing protection if working with noisy equipment and not using music players for more than one hour a day and keeping the volume below 60%, it is also recommended to bring healthy eating (lots of vegetables and fruit and little red meat and saturated fats), avoiding tobacco and other toxic substances to the ear, like some paints and solvents.