Bad hearing and poor school performance

When the message is not complete, the child is lost and it is very difficult for him to follow the teacher’s explanation. A complete audiological review in the first trimester of the course can solve school problems, detecting the causes of hearing deficit.

An imperfect hearing can be the cause of a child not attending class or not answering the teacher when he asks. Eduardo Ladrón de Guevara, president of Federópticos and Audiocentro, assures that “children express with the lack of attention a deficient perception of the world around them, provoked at times by bad hearing”.

“When a school-age child does not hear properly, we tend to think that it is the child himself who will manifest it,” says Ladrón de Guevara. “However, experience says that when there is a mild hearing loss, not severe, it is difficult to detect, even for the child himself and it is more complicated to realize that there is a problem.”

In class, while the teacher is speaking, children who are hearing impaired may miss some words or even phrases. For this reason, the message isn’t reached completely and, despite the effort, they lose the thread of the explanation. Finally they stop participating and isolate themselves from the rest of their classmates.

It is essential to realize as soon as possible that there is a problem to be able to treat it and prevent it from going any further. The role of the teacher is very important in this regard. The professional must know how to detect that the student does not participate in class for some reason and talk with the parents to find the cause.